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Orion is a collaborative storytelling game about a group of bounty hunters exploring the outer rim of known space. To play, you’ll need one or more players to portray the bounty hunters, and one player to be the game master (GM). The GM helps facilitate and moderate the game. They also portray the game world and the dangers the bounty hunters will face. A session of Orion typically lasts two to four hours, though your excursions may take several sessions to complete.

If you’ve played Trophy or Trophy Gold—the games that inspired Orion—you’ll find much that’s familiar. Unlike Trophy, however, death and doom are not the unavoidable fates of your bounty hunters. They can retrieve valuable goodies, face and overcome dangerous foes, and maybe even survive long enough to pay off their debts and retire in style.

Orion features an open universe to explore, push-your-luck dice rolls, and the survive-by-your-wits mentality of many old school roleplaying games. You’ll hunt down bad guys, desperately chasing after—and running from—menacing thugs in the streets and alleys of a dozen worlds. You’ll engage in thrilling spaceship dogfights, sweet-talk guards and henchmen, and do everything you can just to scrape by. Instead of the ever-increasing power that comes with leveling up in many other RPGs, bounty hunters in Orion always remain human and fragile. Defeat, starvation, or burnout are always just one bad day away. Good hunting, space cowboys. 

Orion is currently in development - this quickstart will give you an idea of where to begin. The text is evolving and changing as playtesting happens, and I'll be updating this and releasing more material, including some starter excursions soon!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMajcher Arcana
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbang, bebop, bounty-hunter, scifi, Space, trophy


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