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Across the Ilderwil River lie the lowlands of the Molten Mouth Peaks. There, the clan of Þult dwarves and their human hirelings work the mines within the Peaks. But there is more than gold within the mountains of the Mouth—a firedrake inhabits the namesake of the Peaks, ranging the surrounding lands for more trinkets to satisfy its cravings for precious shinies. The Þult have bargained with the drake—a tithe of gold for safe passage. However, it has recently acquired a treasure more valuable than gold—the three crystal eggs of a Trilling, who demands their return for the sake of its offspring, and to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the lowlands, should they hatch early in the gentle warmth of the Mouth.

Can your brave (or avaricious) adventurers retrieve the crystalline eggs before the young Trilling burst forth, or will they fight for the safety of the dwarves if they prove too late? 

Shadows of the Molten Mouth is a system-neutral adventure that can be tailored to the role-playing game of your choice. It is currently under development, but will be ready soon!