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This world is ruined. 

Once mighty, shining, and true, the land now festers, ruined by agents of chaos and corruption. The Bastion is mankind’s final refuge, towering at the center of the Five Wastes, sheltering the weak and needy, and fighting to keep the Fallen from breaching its walls, to secure humanity’s future for as long as they hold. 

You are Riders, piloting your colossal machines—the Dragons—as you strike at the Fallen Lands, pushing back the hordes that assail the Bastion, delivering aid where it is needed, and eventually piercing the very heart of each of the Five Wastes, so mankind may once again live freely in these lands.


Dragon's Fire is a surreal mecha adventure game, inspired by the Dragon's Heaven anime and the artwork of Moebius. It is powered by the Together We Go Toolkit, and was written for the https://itch.io/jam/twj game jam.

I'm releasing the one-page Core Rules first, and I'm in the process of getting together the full (40-ish pages) game. It'll have rules and tables for creating your own Strikes, exploring the Five Wastes, playing downtime at the Bastion, a whole load of Strikes and Enemies, and (probably) more! So grab the one-pager, and keep an eye out for updates!

This work is based on Down We Go (downwego.games), and licensed for our use under CC BY 4.0 International. This product is not associated with Plus One Exp or Apes of Wrath. 

Cover Art illustration by Thomas Novosel

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AuthorMajcher Arcana


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