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Grackle Teeth is a solo journaling game informed by the Wretched & Alone SRD. All you need to play is a deck of cards, a handful of regular dice, and some stuff to write with and on—the crummier the better.


You play as the last survivor of a human extinction event, an apocalypse on a massive scale. Buildings still stand, the sun still rises, and vegetation has reclaimed the works of humanity. Few animals roam the empty streets, and those that do are feral, ravenous, and relentless. 

This is Austin, Texas, USA. Date unknown—the only time that matters is that between now and the next time you must go out to scavenge for supplies.

You have survived this long, but not for much longer. Food is scarce and terrible. Springs and rivers are clogged and poisoned. And the birds hunger for your flesh.

But still, you persist. You endure, because that’s what humans do.


Grackle Teeth is a 6" x 6" 30-page zine designed for screen viewing. Watch this space for print copies coming soon!

UPDATE: Soon is NOW! Print copies are available at my new Majcher Arcana gumroad store!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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This is a bone chilling game filled with blackbirds that hunger for your skin, a constant fear for your survival, and no real happy endings. a must have for any horror fan!

Grackle Teeth is a Wretched & Alone game. You are the sole survivor of a human extinction event, and you are trying to stay alive in the post-apocalyptic Austin, Texas. Oh, and birds are hungry for your human flesh apparently.

Wonderfully depressing, thank you!

Where is the map? It says it should be in the book, but I'm not seeing any photo or link, am I missing something? I purchased the full booklet. 

The map will be in the final version—it's currently in layout, but things are moving along, and should drop next week sometime! (If you bought the simple version, you'll automatically get the finished edition when I get it up.)

In the meantime, enjoy an online snapshot of the map @majcherarcana: https://twitter.com/majcherarcana/status/1495232032808525828