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On December 9th, 2470, the Interstellar Population Transport and Terraform vessel ISPT-8 (designation “Sequoia”) departed from Lunar Dock Alpha. Like others of its kind, the starship carried some eight thousand passengers towards their new home among the stars. The Sequoia was bound for the Earth-class planet PM-6272 (also known as Metis-3), the most distant world to date to host a new colony of emigrants from Earth.

To survive the projected five centuries of space travel, the crew and other inhabitants of the Sequoia operated on a staggered schedule of cryosleep. This regimen of suspended animation would prolong their lives, and stave off the boredom and inevitable madness that such a long journey would normally induce. Crew returning to duty from cryosleep are required to spend several hours in a “decompression lounge”, to allow their bodies and minds to re-acclimate themselves to a waking state.

Approximately sixty years into the five hundred year voyage, something went terribly wrong.

Now, in the distant future, the “black box” records of the Sequoia, along with the ship’s AI controller and interface, URSA—collectively referred to as the “Icebox”—have been recovered. What follows is a series of logged recordings from the Manhattan Deck decompression lounge. Perhaps some indication of the events which precipitated the Sequoia’s course deviation and eventual collapse will be found therein.


Icebox: Decompression is a live-action role-playing game for eight players (and an optional facilitator). It was originally produced for a series of larps to be performed on stage, but is naturally suited to play in all of your usual places and settings.   

You can print out the cards included with this release, or buy a physical set over on drivethru. (They're very nice.)

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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The game is listed as released, but there don't seem to be any files I can download?


Apologies! They should be there now—I swear I know how to use a comnputer. :D


I've made the same mistake before.