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Not long ago, we lived on AURA, our home, our world.

SOL and LUX rose and fell each day, the Travelers were our companions by night.

We spread through our system, making homes on every world, every moon, every rock.

In even the most inhospitable environments, life found a way to keep going.

AURA was shattered.

Our first contact with the Jagken was their fleet hurtling towards us, in the wake of a moon-sized rock of iron and ice. 

They struck us in our home, staying only long enough to murder as many of those who fought or fled, before retreating to the darkness.

Billions lost and scattered in the void.

The Jagken are returning. 

They think we are broken, weak, easy prey.

This time, we are ready. 

Dhâ yoi chiesh läs


StarFighter: Cygnus is based on the Lumen RPG engine. It's like if Battlestar Galactica (the good one) was a 1980s spaceship shooter arcade game. 

Currently in development, roughest of incomplete ashcan draft available now!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorMajcher Arcana
GenreRole Playing
TagsAliens, battlestar, d6, galaga, lumen, Sci-fi, Space, starfighter, video-game

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