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"What's it about?"

"Either talking to a God-alien-computer intelligence and breaking free of the Black Iron Prison that has enslaved all of mankind between the time of the Ancient Romans (which is also right now) and a vast space dictatorship 100 years in the future (which is also right now), or doing drugs and going crazy. Or both."

Weird things are happening, man.

The Empire Never Ended is a hack of Jared Sinclair’s game What’s So Cool About Outer Space? made for for the #wscajam.

The game was inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick—primarily VALIS, A Scanner Darkly, and Radio Free Albemuth. It also draws inspiration from the games Cthulhu/Trophy Dark, Otherkind, and the GNAP! Theater Projects' improvised PKD show, Strange Matters. Cover sources from Eric Gazano

"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane."

--Philip K. Dick 


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