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A scientist employed by the Wasa-Tybellum Corporation, [DR. TARSUS], was abducted two weeks ago The company dispatched a team of runners to retrieve her; your runners have been contracted by a fixer [MX. JÓNSDÓTTIR] to intercept that team and prevent them from rescuing the hostage. 

[ No, it doesn't go like that. ]

WAG THE CAT is a long-shot /RUN for Emanoel Melo's CBR+PNK, appropriate for runners and operators of any experience level. 

[ Tell them the truth. ]

The pamphlet also provides a roster of rival /RUNners that may be used in any scenario, or altered to suit the OPERATOR's needs.


Available in tri-fold and single page versionnsss.vrersonsoner.sons.


CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorMajcher Arcana
Tagscbrpnk, Cyberpunk, module, One-shot, run


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Any chance to get a community copy? 😁 Thanks!

Just added some more—get 'em while they're hot!

thankssss! Will run it for sure we're! Thanks again 

Awesome—let me know how it goes when you do!

Hi there.  Are the rival runners in this /run fleshed out enough to use them as pre-gens?

They're not statted out as player runners are (CBR+PNK threats are basically clocks with names and descriptions, as in the last screenshot), but if you want to use them as PCs, it only takes a minute to add stats and get rolling. In fact, many of the rival runners here were actually runners from my initial playtest of the /RUN! 

I think it was this run: https://youtu.be/In42WyMrYhI?t=657

Cool, thanks for the info! 

What's the special price for the addition of new community copies?

Oh! I usually add a copy for each dollar I bring in, but I'm pretty liberal with the CCs, so if it's low for a while, I'll usually throw some more on there. :D