Majcher Arcana

A solo print-and-play space trading game
Philip K. Dick inspired hack of What's So Cool About Outer Space?
An apocalyptic keepsake game
Ever wanted to adventure as someone else? Now you can.
An epistolary game for two friends
A Victorian scientist playset for My Dearest Colleague
147 High-Resolution Texture Scans
Twenty-four short, evocative role playing games for two or more players.
A Birthday Larp
A Game of Adventure and Greed
A space-shooter roleplaying game Illuminated by Lumen
Desperate bounty hunters in the far reaches of space, Rooted in Trophy
A surreal Together We Go mecha game
An Emotional Mecha Game For Three or Four Players
A Barsoom-Inspired Playset for Fiasco
A game of supernatural romance for two players
You are dinosaurs at a dinner party. Try to have a good time before the end comes.
Hold back the flood that nobody will acknowledge.
Pick-and-write tabletop air hockey game!
An SRD for making your own comedic storytelling game!
An incomplete list of stuff to try to make your writing suck less so you write good

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