Marc Majcher

A Game of Adventure and Greed
Desperate bounty hunters in the far reaches of space, Rooted in Trophy
A space-shooter roleplaying game Illuminated by Lumen
Philip K. Dick inspired hack of What's So Cool About Outer Space?
An epistolary game for two friends
A Victorian scientist playset for My Dearest Colleague
A teenage vampire-hunting playset for My Dearest Colleague
Reform School Girls playset for Fiasco
Twenty-four short, evocative role playing games for two or more players.
An Emotional Mecha Game For Three or Four Players
You are dinosaurs at a dinner party. Try to have a good time before the end comes.
A game of supernatural romance for two players
Hold back the flood that nobody will acknowledge.
Pick-and-write tabletop air hockey game!
An incomplete list of stuff to try to make your writing suck less so you write good

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